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Polyshrink heart tutorial with embossing 01

Very simple tutorial to create a heart-shaped embellishment using the embossing technique on the polyshrink.

Polyshrink (or simply shrink) is a sheet of heat shrinking plastic material. With heat it shrinks by 50% while maintaining the previously cropped shape. The new shape will be thicker and stronger. It can be decorated and colored with quick-drying colors such as alcohol based indelibles.

polyshrink cuore 01

Draw the desired shape on a sheet, in this case a simple heart. Place our polyshrink sheet and trace the shape. This will help us in cropping. If you have clipping masks, of course you are facilitated.

polyshrink tutorial cuore 02

Cut out the shape (scissors or paper or cardboard cutter are fine)

shrink tutorial cuore 03

To facilitate the attachment of the color, slightly scratch the surface with an abrasive block or very fine sandpaper.

polyshrink tutorial cuore 04

Now we can color it and decorate it. In this case we have created shades with colored chalks (chalk)

polyshrink tutorial cuore 05

With the embosser (hot air blower for embossing) carefully warm the heart by holding it gently so as not to move it. It will first start to crumple, then slowly it will shrink and thicken, returning to its original shape.

polyshrink tutorial cuore 06

Our heart is ready .. here is an embellishment to use as a pendant, for album covers or whatever you want. However, we can add effects with embossing powders.

polveri embossing cuore 07

We dab the heart with an embossing ink.

embossing powder cuore 08

We pour the relief powder. Here we will use the transparent nacrè.

shrink tutorial embossing cuore 09

We remove the excess dust and heat again with the embosser to dissolve it.

shrink tutorial embossing cuore 10

our heart is done. Compared to the dust-free version, the heart is more shiny, and still maintains the nuanced effect that we have given with the chalks. Hello to the next 😉

Where can I find the scrapbooking materials used in the polyshrink tutorial?

Find the shrink sheets HERE

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