Illustrazioni by Kiatanan

Drawings and illustrations by Kiatanan Iamchan

Kiatanan Iamchan it's an artist and illustrator with passion for Thai fine art.A native of Lopburi (city of Thailand about 150 km north of Bangkok), his works reflect his concept of Thai society.
The drawings are a mixed between realistic and surreal images, between past and future. Special characteristic is the full of details and characters added around first subjects. This creates the effect of giving history to the images with all its possible facets.

drawings by Kiatanan


As He said: "My works express concept and emotion of living in positive and negative ways also attached the vision and instruction of the Buddhism for the mental thought.".

Others Illustrations by artist:

illustrations by Kiatanan

dipinti artista Kiatanan

illustrazioni dell' artista Kiatanan



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