hunger games ballata dell usignolo e del serpente

Hunger Games The Ballad of Sonbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins

They are back, the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. The new book in the saga is a prequel, here we are 64 years before the participation of Katniss Everdeen and the events that gave voice to the revolt and her figure, the symbol and the fire girl.

Hunger Games La Ballata dell usignolo e del serpente


The tenth Hunger Games have arrived, in a Panem 10 years after the civil fights, and in a Capitol City that is not the sumptuous one of the days to come. The protagonist is a well-known character, the future president Coriolanus Snow, this time only eighteen years old and not yet the powerful dangerous despot of Capitol city.

For the first time after the signing of the treason treaty and the consequent establishment of the Hunger Games, mentors are assigned, Snow will be the mentor of a tribute from district 12.
Once a rich and powerful family, Snow will attempt to restore the name of his house to its former glory, amid moments of ethical confusion and stance on the objectives. Willing to do anything to get them. The character is different from the sadistic and unscrupulous one of Katniss' time, a sort of evolution and torment between heart and desire for power.

The Ballad of Sonbirds and Snakes Hunger Games


Destiny assigns the female of the 2 tributes of District 12 to Snow. Helping the tribute to victory will not only be a formal job, a way to demonstrate her skills and intelligence. A duel will be created in the duel, the bloody one of the arena and the one of feelings that he will begin to feel for her. Who will be the real enemy this time, will it always be Coriolanus and his lust for power that will lead him to oblivion and evil?


The movie version has already been announced (Motion Picture Group) and as director of will again be Francis Lawrence. The screenplay will be by Suzanne Collins in person, together with Michael Arndt.
All this promises as well as the previous trilogy.

Some reviews:

Endlessly Entertaining
-L.A. Times

Constant Suspense… I Couldn’t Stop Reading
-Stephen King

-The Times

One Of The Best Written And Most Thought-Provoking Books I’ve Read For A Long Time
-Anthony Horowitz, New York Times Bestselling Author

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