animali in feltro artigianali

Amazing animal miniatures in wool felt

Felt is a material obtained from felting wool. The applications are manifold both in the field of design, art and building. Julia Derevshchikova's craftsmanship has surprising realism, through the art of wool she creates animal miniatures.

In the gallery below some images of the artist's felt creations. From foxes to teddy bears, to unicorns, unique and original creations ranging from realism to fantasy.

Here are some pictures, for more information you can find the link with the artist's contacts at the bottom of the page.

animali in feltro

volpe in feltro

animali miniature in feltro

felt miniature DIY

ciuchino feltro

unicorno in feltro

topini in lana fatti a mano

animali in feltro

idee in feltro

fantastiche miniature realistiche

feltro creativo

felt craft ideas

orsacchiotto in feltro

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Source and artist contacts: WEBSITEINSTAGRAM


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