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The biggest mosaic in the world

The largest mosaic in the world by the artist Belo is made up of 66,000 compostable and biodegradable cups, 15,000 liters of colored rainwater, 1 kg of vegetable dye, more than 100 volunteers, 62 hours of work. When placed in a row, the 66,000 cups would measure 5.2 km in length.

To raise public awareness of the global clean water crisis, the artist Belo created an image of 66,000 cups of colored rainwater. The intent is to simulate the levels of impurities in the water of the entire planet. This important work represents a fetus in the maternal womb, stresses the need for water, even before birth, for every living person.

Mosaico Acqua dell' artista Belo

Mosacio dell'artista Belo

Mosacio dell'artista Belo

Mosacio dell'artista Belo

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Other projects by the artist Belo - art for "save the planet"

The citizens' tree:

An art installation in Montreal.

With the intention of educating citizens about the negative impact of cars on quality of life and the environment, Belo illustrated a tree on the sidewalk of a car park in the city center.
Il fogliame, composto da quasi 100.000 carte OPUS riciclate (passaggi di trasporto pubblico), simboleggia la vita ed evoca tutti i benefici associati alla presenza di un albero in città.

The Guardian Tree:

The Guardian Tree, a work of art created for Greenpeace Canada that represents the determination of over 60,000 people to protect our endangered forests.

Inspired by the real act of felling a tree. Belo has created a sculpture entirely made of repurposed wood. Measuring 14 feet tall, it is painted white. The names of those who signed the #StandForForests commitment were written on the Tree layers. Belo specifies that the real guardians are all the people who are taking a stand to protect Canada's boreal forest.


Artista Belo per la natura




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