Tokyo Olimpiadi 2020 2021

Countries as Anime characters for the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games

When will the TOKYO 2020 Olympics be played?
The Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be played, unless further changes, in 2021. Inauguration on July 23 and closing on August 8.

Alcuni artisti illustratori giapponesi si sono uniti per creare una sorta di campagna promozionale non ufficiale  per i giochi olimpici, ispirandosi alle Anime. Hanno ridisegnato i paesi partecipanti come personaggi anime.

Tokyo olimpiadi 2021 Anime Messico Italia

Mexico and Italy

There are currently 68 characters. Each character was created keeping in mind the culture of the corresponding country, completed with a description of the "personality".

There will still be waiting for the Olympic games, but in the meantime, anime fans will certainly appreciate.

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Here there are some of the Anime of the countries participating in the Olympic games:

Anime Tokyo olimpiadi 2021 cameron brasile

Cameroon and Brasil


Anime tokyo olimpiadi cina canada

China and Canada


tokyo olimpiadi anime cuba colombia

Cuba and Colombia


Tokyo Anime Olimpiadi 2021 emirati ecuador

United Arab Emirates and Ecuador


tokyo olimpiadi 2021 finlandia filippine

Finland and the Philippines


tokyo olimpiadi 2021 Francia e Germania

France and Germany


tokyo olimpiadi 2021 giappone giamaica

Japan and Jamaica


Tokyo olimpiadi Anime india e honduras

India and Honduras


Tokyo Olympic games Inghilterra Irlanda

England and Ireland


Olympic games 2021 Laos Korea

Laos and Korea


tokyo olympic games Nicaragua Malesia

Nicaragua and Malaysia


Quando saranno le olimpiadi di Tokyo polonia nuovazelanda

Poland and New Zealand


tokyo 2020 anime Romania e Portogallo

Romania and Portugal


Tokyo Olimpiadi 2020 Senegal e Russia

Senegal and Russia


Tokyo 2020 Svezia e Spagna

Sweden and Spain


Tokyo olimpiadi Tailandia e Svizzera

Thailand and Switzerland


Anime tokyo olimpiadi 2021 Usa turchia

USA and Turkey



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